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Legal address: Intempco BVBA

The parts(house) language.

The Parts(house) language is in fact our policy, but it goes further then just a policy. It is how we do our job, our business, how we treath our customers, suppliers, staff and all stakeholders.


Our policy = our parts language!!!!!


Our parts language:

Quality parts at an affordable price, immediately available or at a reasonable and workable delivery time, and to ship them at any destination worldwide.


Added with the Partshouse service, to go just a little further then all the rest in terms of service.


However we do everything to avoid it, delay's or mistakes might happen, although we strive to perfection.


It's just a matter how you deal with it... Part of our parts language is to inform the customer on time and to work out a flexible, suitable and constructive solution. Thus keeping in mind the satisfaction of not only our customer but also the end-user, your customer.


Contact us! We speak the same language as you....The parts language!