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Partshouse is your one-stop-shop for excavator parts worldwide. Whatever part you may be looking for, you will find it in our extensive product range. Drive shafts, brake parts, hydraulic components, … When it comes to excavator parts, count on us to provide you with top-quality parts and spare parts for all your wheel loaders, excavators, articulated dumpers, bulldozers, graders and road construction machines.

European quality parts that keep your machines working.

Parts by Partshouse: your excavator parts made in Europe

At Partshouse we aim to keep your earth moving equipment working and performing at all times. That is why all our parts are built to the same specifications as the original manufacturer parts. In Europe. To meet European quality standards.

In addition, we are continuously monitoring the quality of our parts to ensure that you always receive the best possible possible parts. All of our manufacturers and suppliers are screened for compliance with the highest ISO and other quality standards. Every shipment arriving at our warehouse is thoroughly checked before being released for delivery. We regularly have raw materials and products tested at external partners to see whether the quality and durability of your parts still meets our own standards.

As a result, when buying excavator parts online at Partshouse, you can count on the same reliability and quality as the original branded part wherever you are in the world. Check our transport options for more detailed information on the availability of our parts worldwide.

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Minimum downtime with top-value parts

Partshouse’s mission is to keep your machine downtime to an absolute minimum. Especially in times of rising costs and demanding customers, this is critical. Not only can we supply you with exactly the parts you need at competitive prices, we make sure they are immediately available for shipment.

Partshouse: Top quality and service

Our starting point? Providing the best quality, both for parts and for our service. We provide quality parts and service at reasonable prices.

We have never been interested in providing low quality parts, but we believe in the fact that customer satisfaction starts with the quality of the parts and doing what is promised.

For these reasons, we only work with OEM suppliers or manufacturers that meet strict requirements in terms of quality and consistency.

Partshouse: your number one partner for excavator parts

With over 230.000 parts for Volvo equipment and over 2.000.000 parts for other top brands (e.g. JCB, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kubota, …), Partshouse is sure to be able to help you to exactly the parts you are looking for. Even if your fleet of earth moving equipment consists of multiple brands.

Do you want more details about our value proposition? Are you looking to buy excavator parts online? Partshouse can rightfully be considered the number one reference for parts of all kinds. Discover our extensive product range online or contact us to find exactly the parts you need. We are always happy to help you.