Aftermarket parts for Volvo wheel loaders

Want to buy wheel loader parts for Volvo? Aftermarket versus original

Wheel loaders are composed of many parts. The older the machine, the higher the risk that a part breaks down. How do you find and select the right wheel loader parts? And are you only covered when you buy original Volvo parts or can you also trust aftermarket parts for Volvo wheel loaders? Let’s dig in to find out!

What is the difference between original and aftermarket parts?

Nowadays there is a lot of choice on the market in various types of parts. You can choose between original parts, aftermarket parts, OEM parts, rebuilt parts and even used parts.

Original Volvo parts are parts manufactured and sold by the Volvo dealer network. These parts are in Volvo branded packaging. You also get certain warranty period. Thus, you can be sure that you have the same parts – and as such, quality – as the originals in your machine. Unfortunately however, they come with a big price tag.

A great alternative? Aftermarket parts. Specifically made for Volvo loaders, they’re produced by independent manufacturers. These parts are usually a lot cheaper than original parts. Unfortunately, not all aftermarket parts are high-quality. Very often, you get inferior-quality parts which do not last long.

So, the question is: should high-quality wheel loader parts be expensive? The answer is simple: definitely not.

Buy your aftermarket Volvo wheel loader parts with peace of mind while saving money

At Partshouse, we are proud on the fact that most of our aftermarket replacement parts are produced in Europe. We source from manufacturers who supply directly to the production line of Volvo. These are the so-called OEM parts. Moreover, regular tests are carried out by independent quality control companies to monitor the quality of our parts. Furthermore, we communicate closely with customers to follow their satisfaction about our parts and service.

All our parts are also covered with a warranty period equal or even longer then original parts. And if an issue might occur after the warranty period, we are still flexible to fix it. We do not let our customers stand alone.

Furthermore, our European quality aftermarket parts come at much more economical prices than original parts. Therefore, our aftermarket parts are a real trustworthy alternative to the original parts and at a far more beneficial price.

One-stop-shop for all your wheel loader parts

At Partshouse, you can get all your parts for Volvo wheel loaders in one place. You’ll find an extensive range of parts such as filters, gears, propeller shafts, differential components, fenders, cabin parts, and much more. Be sure to take a look at our product overview to see what we offer!

We also cover all types and models of Volvo wheel loaders. We offer:

  • Parts for Volvo compact wheel loaders: L25, L30, L35 up to L60
  • Spare parts for medium duty wheel loaders: L70, L90, L110, L120, L150
  • Replacement parts for large or heavy duty wheel loaders: L180, L220, L250, L330, and L350

Rely on us for your wheel loader parts with quality guarantee at cost-saving prices and worldwide delivery right to your doorstep. Want to know more? Send us your parts inquiries to get a suitable offer within short notice.