Hitachi excavator parts for construction equipment

Do you have Hitachi construction equipment ready and rolling at all times? To ensure longevity of your excavators, heavy machinery, frequent and careful maintenance is key. High-quality Hitachi excavator parts will keep your machines up and running, at peak performance, allowing for an efficient workflow at all times. Partshouse is your independent supplier for aftermarket and OE Hitachi excavator and wheel loader parts.

Partshouse: your Hitachi aftermarket parts supplier

Since 2021, Partshouse has been a Hitachi aftermarket parts supplier. In our large product range you’ll find a wide range of replacement parts for Hitachi heavy machinery. Among our products, you’ll find everything from engine pumps, starters and tracks to hydraulic hoses and bearings. Partshouse is your one-stop shop for Hitachi wheel loader parts and more!

Partshouse is eager to help you find the Hitachi part you require for your excavator, wheel loader or other equipment. That way, you can always ensure better continuity without hassle.


We offer a wide range of parts for your Hitachi wheel loader, excavator or other heavy machinery. Take a look at our extensive product range to find your ideal Hitachi excavator parts online!

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About Hitachi

Starting as a small electronic parts shop in Japan in 1910, quickly grew as a large concern with several divisions and product ranges across different continents. Today, Hitachi is widely known and respected for its sector-leading mentality and splendid products and services.

Disclaimer: Partshouse is not an official Hitachi construction parts dealer. We are an independent parts supplier.