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Product name Suitable for Partnumber
3/8" X 2 3/4" HEX BOLT Caterpillar 0L0139
HEX BOLT G8 NC 1/2" X 3 1/2" Caterpillar 0L2315
HEX HEAD CAP SCREW 3/8" X 3-1/2" Caterpillar 0T0065
HEX BOLT 7/16" X 2" Caterpillar 0T0319
HEX BOLT G8 NC 1/2" X 3 1/4" Caterpillar 0V0375
VALVE Caterpillar 1002812
SHAFT Caterpillar 1002869
CARTRIDGE KIT Caterpillar 1002870
CARTRIDGE KIT Caterpillar 1002961
RING-CAM Caterpillar 1002962
HYDRAULIC PUMP Caterpillar 1003259
SHAFT Caterpillar 1003401
BEARING Caterpillar 1003402
BEARING Caterpillar 1003405
CARTRIDGE KIT Caterpillar 1003406
PISTON KIT - BIAS Caterpillar 1003408
SPRING - BIAS Caterpillar 1003409
LIMITER Caterpillar 1003410
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Looking to buy hydraulic excavator parts online? You’ll find them at Partshouse!

A hydraulic excavator is a technical miracle. The interaction of the precisely designed parts allows you to easily control the machine. The hydraulic cylinders give you optimum control over the gripper arm: crucial for your machine – and your work – to run smoothly. Although the hydraulics behind it are designed to last a long time, defects cannot be prevented forever. In that case it is necessary to replace the correct part. This will allow your excavator to run at full speed again. At Partshouse you can buy the different parts for a hydraulic excavator online.

The ideal component for a powerful machine

Looking for the right component for your hydraulic excavator? We are ready for you at Partshouse! In our range you will find various hydraulic cylinders, both single and double-acting, telescopic, plunger and differential cylinders. In addition, you can contact us for a suitable hydraulic pump, or the appropriate hydraulic hoses. All of our parts meet the high quality demands of the industry to ensure the longevity of your machine as a whole. The goal is to allow you to continue to control your machine smoothly and thus complete your work easily. This is only possible with the right part!

Partshouse: your partner for hydraulic excavator parts

At Partshouse you can buy suitable hydraulic excavator parts online. We ensure that you find the right part for your machine: affordable and high-quality. Partshouse specializes in parts and high-quality spare parts for all kinds of applications: think of Volvo construction and earthmoving machines, Volvo trucks and Volvo Penta engines. Not sure what you are looking for, or do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will choose the right part.