Pins and bushings

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Product name Suitable for Partnumber
PIN Volvo 004861
PIN Volvo 004869
PIN Volvo 005369
PIN Volvo 009619
PIN Volvo 011148
PIN Volvo 011325
BUSHING Volvo 019848
PIN JCB 02/101241
TIMING PIN JCB 02/101376
PIN JCB 02/130163
PIN ROLL JCB 02/201731
SPINDLE JCB 02/300011
PIN JCB 02/310001
PIN JCB 02/310050
CLEVIS PIN JCB 02/310061
CLEVIS PIN JCB 02/310170
PIN JCB 02/350040
PIN-PIPE JCB 02/600152
Pin JCB 02/600356
Pin Piston JCB 02/601081
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Looking to buy pins and bushings online? You’ll find it at Partshouse!

An excavator draws its strength from the excellent cooperation of all parts. The pins and bushings ensure that the parts of your excavator are securely mounted and can rotate. A well-oiled set of pins and bushings reduces friction, noise and wear. They are easier to replace than the parts they connect. They work closely together for safe and precise movement. For this reason, it is best to replace them together. Are you looking for the right excavator pins and bushings? At Partshouse we are happy to help you with that.

The ideal component for a powerful machine

Looking for the right pins and bushings for your hydraulic excavator? At Partshouse we have several types in house for you. Each bushing has specific grooves, which collect the right amount of lubricant and spread it over the pin. This ensures smooth, precise movement. In turn, this means the pin will last longer. At Partshouse you can buy different bearings: we have different types of excavator pins and bushings for you. Think of plain bearings with or without flange, with or without fixed notch, in all shapes and sizes. Together, we will find you the perfect part!

Partshouse: your partner for hydraulic excavator parts

At Partshouse you can buy suitable excavator pins and bushings online. We ensure that you find the right part for your machine: affordable and high-quality. Partshouse specializes in parts and high-quality spare parts for all kinds of applications: think of Volvo construction and earthmoving machines, Volvo trucks and Volvo Penta engines. Not sure what you are looking for, or do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will choose the right part.