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Product name Suitable for Partnumber
SHOCK ABSORBER Volvo 1010-20251
SHOCK ABSORBER Volvo 1010-23331
Bearing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1075179
Bearing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1075180
Bearing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1075187
Bearing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1075188
Mounting, Axle Rod Volvo 1075255
Torque Rod Volvo 1075260
Air Spring Volvo 1075290
Air Spring Volvo 1075363
Air Spring Volvo 1075364
Air Spring Volvo 1075365
Air Spring Volvo 1075366
Bushing, Bogie Suspension Volvo 1075606
Repair Kit, Spring Volvo 1075723
Bushing, Spring Volvo 1075724
Repair Kit, Spring Volvo 1075726
Roller, Bogie Suspension Volvo 1075805
Lock Washer, Axle Volvo 1075871
Air Spring Volvo 1075890
Air Spring Volvo 1075891
Repair Kit, Bogie Suspension Volvo 1075955
Air Spring Volvo 1076075
Air Spring Volvo 1076076
Repair Kit, Spring Volvo 1076334
Air Spring Volvo 1076416
Air Spring Volvo 1076418
Air Spring Volvo 1076420
Bracket, Air Spring Volvo 1076592
Air Spring Volvo 1076594
Air Spring Volvo 1076595
V Arm Volvo 1076639
Shock Absorber Volvo 1076717
Link, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1076889
Bearing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1076890
Screw, Wheel Hub Volvo 1077468
Bearing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1077594
Wheel Hub Volvo 1078053
Screw, Axle Rod Volvo 1078382
Cover, Axle Steering Knuckle Volvo 1078564
Torque Rod Volvo 1079121
Shock Absorber Volvo 1079151
Bearing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1079225
Bearing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1079256
Air Spring Volvo 1079670
V Arm Volvo 1080690
Air Spring Volvo 1080707
Air Spring, Bogie Suspension Volvo 1081785
Air Spring Volvo 1082085
Torque Rod Volvo 1082104
Cushion, Spring Volvo 1089501
V Arm Volvo 1094466
Shock Absorber Volvo 1094523
Repair Kit, Axle Rod Volvo 11043031
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11050938
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11050950
SHOCK ABSORBER Volvo 11051567
Rubber Bushing, Bogie Suspension Volvo 11051580
Rubber Bushing, Bogie Suspension Volvo 11052100
Rubber Bushing, Bogie Suspension Volvo 11052112
Rubber Bushing, Bogie Suspension Volvo 11052293
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11054102
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11054614
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11055842
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11056369
Rubber Bushing, Axle Rod Volvo 11056563
Rubber Bushing, Bogie Suspension Volvo 11056565
Rubber Bushing, Axle Rod Volvo 11060946
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11112422
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11113746
Rubber mounting Volvo 11116313
Rubber Bushing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 11116402
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11116547
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11118038
Buffer, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 11118574
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11118579
SHOCK ABSORBER Volvo 11119173
Mounting, Axle Rod Volvo 11119245
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11119250
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11119260
SHOCK ABSORBER Volvo 11121119
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11121340
Mounting, Axle Rod Volvo 11190316
Rubber Bushing, Axle Rod Volvo 11191362
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11195079
Mounting, Axle Rod Volvo 11195403
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11197871
Cushion, Spring Volvo 11198265
Air Spring Volvo 1134445
Air Spring Volvo 1134446
Buffer, Air Spring Volvo 1134566
Repair Kit, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1134955
Rubber Bushing, Shock Absorber Volvo 1134962
Mounting, Axle Rod Volvo 1135080
Bushing, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1135085
Nut, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1135086
Torque Rod Volvo 1135427
Torque Rod Volvo 1135429
Pin, Stabilizer Bar Volvo 1135803
Rubber Bushing, Axle Rod Volvo 1136891

Need parts for the suspension of trucks and earthmoving machinery? You’ll find them at Partshouse!

The wheel suspension of your construction machine or truck ensures a smooth ride and keeps the machine under control. In addition, the suspension maximises steering stability and road holding and reduces tyre wear. The truck suspension system provides the comfort to limit the impact of certain road conditions not only to the construction machine, but also to the driver himself. Poor suspension also causes extra wear on tires, axles, bearings, … and thus entails a lot of unnecessary costs. A good wheel suspension, with the right parts, is therefore crucial for the power and life of your construction machine.

Are you looking for specific suspension parts for your truck? Suspension parts of European top quality for construction and earthmoving machines can be found at Partshouse!

Correct wheel suspension = optimal road holding

The wheel suspension of your truck or heavy equipment consists of various suspension parts such as air springs, leaf springs, shock absorbers, stabilizer rods, wheel hubs, … Partshouse also supplies all kinds of other excavator parts, such as engine parts, filters, bearings, brakes, cabin parts, drive shafts, … Whatever parts you are looking for, Partshouse makes sure you find the right parts for your machine!

Partshouse: your partner for suspension parts

Are you looking for suitable truck suspension? Suspension parts: high-quality and affordable is what our range is all about. Partshouse is specialized in components and spare parts for Volvo heavy equipment, Volvo earthmoving machines, Volvo trucks, Volvo Penta engines. Need help finding the right parts? Or do you have any other questions? Please feel free to contact us and together we will choose the appropriate part.