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Komatsu heavy machinery is top of the line when it comes to reliability and durability. Unfortunately, this does also mean that (replacement) parts are quite expensive but what if you could buy these at a lower price without having to compromise on quality? At Partshouse we consider it our mission to provide our customers with high-quality (replacement) parts for all their heavy machinery at competitive prices. Our vast range of products includes parts for Komatsu, Volvo, and other top brands of heavy-duty equipment.

Are you looking for Komatsu wheel loader parts? Find them online at Partshouse.

European quality parts that keep your machines working.

Partshouse: the original, ‘made in Europe’

At Partshouse, the minimum standard for all our parts is that they need to be at least as good as the original. In other words, parts by Partshouse offer you the same reliability and durability as their Komatsu counterpart.

We build them to be exact matches to original parts. We use the same list of specifications and requirements. We even use the same materials. In short, if it had not been for the branding, you would not know the difference. Especially since the quality of both the product and the materials is continuously being monitored.

In fact, we also see to it that all of our mainly European manufacturers maintain the highest possible European quality standards for their production facilities.

In conclusion, when buying Komatsu wheel loader parts at Partshouse, we guarantee you that it does not just fit in the machine it was intended for but also that it offers you everything you would expect from an original Komatsu part.

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Cut costs. Not efficiency.

At Partshouse, we take great pride in what we do. We have a massive product catalogue of over 2.000.000 parts for heavy machinery from Komatsu, Volvo, and other top brands. Each one of them offers you the same quality, efficiency, and durability of the original branded part. There is only one difference: their price is considerably lower.

Partshouse: Top quality and service

The quality of our parts, but also of our service, has always been our main business principle. We supply quality parts and service at reasonable prices.

We have never been interested in supplying low quality parts but we believe in the fact that custumer satisfaction has its beginning in the quality of the parts and in doing what has been promised.

Therefore we work only with either OEM suppliers or manufacturers which needs to meet strict requirement in terms of quality and consistancy.

Partshouse: your partner for replacement parts worldwide

At Partshouse we aim to be your partner of preference for replacement parts for all your heavy machinery. Whether you are looking for Komatsu wheel loader parts online or any other brand, at Partshouse you will find exactly the (replacement) part you need and more importantly, it will be available immediately. Does your Komatsu wheel loader need urgent maintenance? Did it perhaps break down? And you are in urgent need of replacement parts? Contact us. We can help you! In over 90 countries in the world!

Discover our vast range of parts and buy online or contact us for expert advice. Are you looking for a quotation? Need pricing for an international export order? Our team will be happy to help you with whatever questions you may have.