Got Volvo construction equipment? 7 reasons to buy your spare parts at Partshouse

7 reasons to buy parts for Volvo construction equipment at Partshouse

If you need parts for Volvo construction equipment, you need a trustworthy partner. A partner that understands the business, knows the equipment and gets the importance of the ideal parts. At Partshouse, we combine the right, high-quality parts with competitive prices and speedy, worldwide delivery. Want to know more about us? Below, we’ve listed 7 reasons to choose Partshouse as your partner for parts for Volvo construction equipment.

1. You get a solution to your problem

We are not just selling parts, in first place we offer a solution. When the customer’s Volvo equipment breaks down, it’s crucial to get it back up and running as soon as possible. Usually the customer then has to repair or replace one or more parts. At that moment, you need a supplier for Volvo construction equipment parts who can deliver you the right part for your machine.

2. You’ll find just what you need

At Partshouse you find all types of parts suitable for your Volvo equipment. Our range contains more than 200.000 aftermarket, OEM or OE parts suitable for Volvo earthmoving equipment. You’ll find

3. You won’t pay too much

We understand that parts for heavy equipment are often not cheap. At Partshouse, we offer high-quality, durable parts at competitive prices. On our website you’ll find an extensive range of aftermarket, OE and OEM parts – which in turn allows us to keep prices low and affordable at all times.

4. You get European quality

Quality isn’t just a word. It’s a way of doing business and creating added value for you as a customer. It’s our guarantee to you – assuring that you will receive hassle-free parts of excellent quality.

5. Fast and worldwide delivery

Idle machines cost money. Therefore we ensure most parts are ready to be shipped the same day. If a part isn’t available, we’ll do everything we can to reduce delivery to a maximum of a few days.

And did you know that we ship worldwide? We supply parts for Volvo construction equipment anywhere in the world.

6. You get great service

Besides to supply you with the right parts for Volvo construction equipment. We can also help you with technical matters or identifying the right partnumber.

But service is more than that. It’s also answering questions quickly. Or in the rare case that there would be a problem to solve it quickly and adequately. Service is more than just a business transaction. For Partshouse, service is serving and solving the needs of our customers.

7. … and advice

Parthouse is your parts supplier for Volvo construction equipment with more than 20 years of experience. We know the parts business, we understand your business and what your business needs. We are your one-stop-shop for your Volvo parts requirements. As such, you can count on valuable advice any time.

Partshouse is a family business. This means a strong and daily involvement of the family and ensures stability, commitment, flexibility and long term vision. All nice words but it means for you that from top till down everyone in Partshouse understand which your parts needs are: Quality, availability, fast delivery and long-term customer satisfaction.

Do you have questions about Partshouse, or do you need advice on finding the ideal parts for Volvo construction equipment? Contact Partshouse now!