How to reduce downtime for your excavator

From prevention to profit: why the right Volvo excavator parts are essential

Modern Volvo excavators are an engineering marvel. Nowadays, they come in many forms, ranging from compact mini-excavators to large industrial earthmovers. They’re experts in their jobs – provided they’re taken care of properly. Knowing when to repair and maintain your excavator is key. That can only work with the right parts for Volvo excavators.

Why you should anticipate repairing your excavator

Regular maintenance is absolutely crucial for your business for three reasons:

  • It increases uptime (and reduces downtime)
  • It reduces the risk of exponential costs: a single malfunctioning part can cause strain on more parts
  • Machines simply perform better, thus reducing operating costs in the long run


While Partshouse strives for timely delivery, it’s always best to keep some downtime in mind. The entire process of selecting the right excavator spare parts, having them delivered and installed properly can time-consuming. It’s best to anticipate and schedule periodical maintenance. It’s not only a matter of expecting the unexpected, but preventing the unexpected.

Check, prevent, profit

It all starts with a good schedule. Periodically plan for routine checks to see which parts may require a replacement. Some parts require more maintenance than others. Excavator hydraulic pumps and cylinders may need more frequent checks than cabin glass or (excavator) radiators, for instance.

A Volvo excavator should work like clockwork, so be aware that one malfunctioning part can cause damage to other parts. If a timing belt breaks, for example, engine components like pistons and engine valves may be severely damaged. Such an issue can easily be prevented with routine checks: if you notice scratches or small tears, replace the belt immediately instead of stretching its lifespan a little longer and risking downtime and financial strain. The same goes for oil filters, alternators and other parts. If every part works well, the machine works well.

Partshouse: your partner for all parts for Volvo excavators

Looking for the right part for your Volvo excavator? At Partshouse you can find parts for different types: 

  • Volvo mini digger or mini-excavators like the Volvo EC25 or ECR88
  • Wheeled excavators such as the Volvo EW140, EW160 and EW180
  • Tracked excavators ranging from the Volvo EC140 to EC950


We’re specialised in parts for Volvo excavators, but we provide worldwide delivery of parts for other excavator brands. Choosing Partshouse equals European quality at competitive prices. Head over to our product overview to find your ideal excavator parts. Or, if you have questions, contact us for more information.